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Tax Accountant Glen Waverley

Tax Accountants In Glen Waverley

PTS Advisory understands how much taxation can be a headache for average individuals. However, despite that, it is still something many should face but with our services, we assure that figuring out taxes will not be much of a pain.

PTS Advisory’s tax Accountants Glen Waverly is a master of taxation with multiple years of experience under his belt. Along with many of our experts, he will be assisting clients in their taxation needs such as but not limited to individual Tax Return, Bookkeeping, Virtual CFO, Payroll, Wealth Advice, and Audit Services.

Individual Tax Returns

As working citizens, clients are required to file an Individual Tax Return in every specific period of time. However, the documents needed can be overwhelming and even more so if you are all by yourself. They are even times where when they are not properly done, clients incur monetary lost and additional headaches. This is where PTS Advisory’s Tax accountant comes in. These experts know everything about the ins and outs of Individual Tax Returns. They will help you settle your documents, keep track of your receipts and advise you on how you can maximize returns. With PTS Advisory’s Tax account, filing for Individual Tax Return will be so daunting anymore.


All legitimate businesses must comply with state mandate which requires extensive bookkeeping. Running a business alone can be difficult and time-consuming, keeping track of the financial records is another added layer of burden and stress to that. Documenting receipts, wages, purchases, and invoices is not an easy task to master especially for someone who does not have a background doing this. We at PTS Advisory have tax consultants who are expert bookkeeper that will make your lives a lot easier. No more added stress as they will assist in organizing receipts, payments, sales, and sales records. This way, you will be focused on growing your business knowing that everything is intact and in order.

Virtual CFO

Chief Financial Officers or better known as CFO are individuals who have extreme knowledge in the accounting process that provides assistance to clients. Here at PTS Advisory, we have many highly trained virtual CFO who can provide valuable inputs in your accounting needs. Added to that our CFOs incorporates the latest technology. This means that they can render their service remotely making client’s lives a lot more convenient. Our CFO will be responsible for helping you at every step of the accounting process. Be it preparing financial statements needed for decision making or translate financial figures into reports, our virtual CFOs will be dedicated to providing clients the highest quality of service.


A reliable and updated payroll is essential for companies to fuel their manpower. Without this, the morale of employees, as well as their quality of production, can be severely affected. Which why PTS Advisory offers assistance for both small and big enterprises when it comes to their payroll needs. Our expert Tax Accountants will assist the businesses in calculating monthly salaries, subtracting necessary deduction and withholdings, making deposits and keeping transaction records. By entrusting this side of the business with us, we assure a more seamless and efficient delivery of wages and records that both employees and management will find satisfactory.

Wealth Advice

We cannot absolutely assure what will happen in the future but what we can do is to prepare for possible outcomes. That what PTS Advisory will exactly do for you. With our Wealth Advice Services we provide clients with sound financial advice when it comes to managing assets, investments and taxes. There is no better person who can do this than our tax accountant Glen Waverly who has years of experience of helping client’s manage their wealth. Basically, what he does is help clients protect and grow their wealth in a stress-free manner.

Audit Services

Auditing is one of the most difficult and time-consuming accounting processes there is. However, our expert tax account makes this daunting task easy and simple. Our audit services are rendered with the utmost integrity and care. We understand the importance of this process for a company and the goal is to provide honest and thoroughly checked reports. Whether it is for external and internal compliance, we only deliver the best service possible.

For further information, contact our office directly through our contact us page. Alternatively, give us a call on 0410 569 639.

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