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Education and Personal Development

Education and Personal Development

Getting the right support for your business & personal development needs is critical to ongoing success, but many support programs are too prescriptive, or don’t directly relate to the daily pressing issues.

Our learning approach is different, action-orientated online training addresses your direct learning & development objectives. Choose from a myriad of courses comprising hundreds of modules, to complete when & where convenient. No need to take hours out of your busy working week to attend workshops or seminars. Hands on activities are a core component of all courses & ensure you put into practise your learnings, relating them directly back to your immediate needs.

Just-in-time learning when & where needed

A stimulating combination of online courses, videos & hands-on activities

Wealth of relevant topics

Powered by Mindshop, leveraging 28 years of expertise & experience in online learning & development solutions, a regular source of new business ideas

Education and Personal Development

Learn a series of tools and methodologies to help implement a common approach to problem solving in an organisation.

Leadership Development

Anyone can read up on the theory of leadership, this program focuses on implementation of leadership principles.

Strategic Planning

Learn how to deliver a strategic planning session.

Change Success

The factors you need to boost your probability of change success when implementing a project.

Effective Communication

Hone your communication skills to be a more effective leader, owner or manager

Coaching & Developing People

Coach effectively to ensure your people achieve their full potential.


Facilitation Skills

Learn the steps required to facilitate effectively in the field via a workshop, team meeting, sales pitch or team member review.

Growth Strategy

The fundamentals of how to accelerate business growth.

Personal Growth

Revitalize your personal development & take control of your life.

Profit Improvement

Improve the profitability of any business by removing 30% of inefficiencies

Project Team Implementation

Setup & implement project teams to effectively drive change.

Time Management

Improve your time management skills & learn how to manage priorities.

Personal Resilience

Bounce back from adversity & become more ‘bullet proof’.


Pivot – Adapt

Learn agile thinking techniques through tools & processes.

Self Confidence

Improve your level of self confidence & prevent self sabotage.



Skills to successfully sell products & services in a volatile market

Developing Strategy in Volatile

Tools & thinking to develop strategies in competitive markets