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Welcome to our waste audit service

Designed to help businesses, whether in manufacturing, service based, retailer or wholesaler, or a professional practice, we can help you identify cost savings in key areas such as overproduction, waiting, transport, inappropriate processing, unnecessary inventory, unnecessary motion, and defects. Our service is aimed at businesses who are looking to cut costs and increase profits, and who want to make their operations more efficient and sustainable.

As a business owner or leader, you know that waste can be a major drain on your bottom line. Whether it’s excess inventory, inefficient processes, or unnecessary motion, every bit of waste adds up and eats into your profits. That’s why our waste audit service is so valuable – it helps you identify areas where you can save money and operate more efficiently, without sacrificing quality or customer satisfaction.

Our waste audit process is simple, yet comprehensive. We start by working with you and your team in a workshop setting, to analyse your operations to identify areas where waste is occurring. This includes looking at your production processes, inventory management, transportation, and more. We then work with you to develop a customised plan to address these issues, focusing on practical solutions that will save you money and improve your operations.

One of the key areas we focus on is overproduction. This is a common problem in many businesses, where more products are produced than are actually needed. Not only does this waste resources, but it can also lead to excess inventory and storage costs. By identifying and addressing overproduction, we can help you reduce waste and improve your overall efficiency.

Another area we focus on is waiting. This can include delays in production, transportation, or other processes, which can lead to wasted time and resources. By analysing your operations and identifying bottlenecks, we can help you streamline your processes and reduce waiting times, saving you time and money.

Transportation is also a key area where waste can occur. This can include inefficient routing, unnecessary trips, and other issues that add up over time. By optimising your transportation processes, we can help you reduce costs and improve your overall efficiency.

Inappropriate processing, unnecessary inventory, unnecessary motion, and defects are all areas where waste can occur as well. Our waste audit service is designed to help you identify and address these issues, so you can operate more efficiently and profitably.

If you're a business owner or leader looking to cut costs and increase profits, our waste audit service is the perfect solution. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your waste audit. Together, we can help you reduce waste, improve efficiency, and boost your bottom line.

Cost of 4 hour workshop:                 $2,500 + GST

Cost of full day workshop :               $5,000 + GST

Cost Savings Guarantee :- if we can’t help you identify cost savings that at least exceed the cost of our workshop, then you have no obligation to pay for the cost of our workshop.