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Property Investment Accountant

Why Do You Need Specific Property Accounting?

Investing in property continues to be one of the most lucrative means of earning passive income. Not only is owning property safe, but it also brings in a considerable amount of money in the short to medium-term – if you have the means and the knowledge to do so. Having the means is pretty easy, as you just need to secure the right amount of capital for the investment.

Did you know that particular tax laws are specially made for property investments? Did you also know that there are accounting practices that cater to just property investments so that you’ll know how much you’re earning versus the cost of maintenance?

All of these things sound rather complicated, especially since compliance is a must when it comes to this type of investment. That’s why having a property accountant is exceptionally crucial when you want to enter the field of property investing. You see, there are specific tax laws, tax incentives, and tax return policies that all investors can take advantage of if they know-how.

With the right knowledge on property taxation, you can be able to make the most of your tax returns and have significant deductions that can be claimed. There are also some policies when accounted for adequately, which can protect you from individual taxes. With both tax deductions and tax shields, you can lessen the costs associated with owning property, and at the same time, boost your profit margin.

Not only will a property accountant help with taxation in buying and selling property, but they will also help with taxation if you decide to rent out your property. Property accountants know how to ensure that your taxes are following the proper compliance policies but also are minimized as much as possible.

Tax Minimisation

As mentioned above, tax deductions can be claimed if accounted for properly. If you own property, there are some expenses that you can claim as per government ruling. A tax accountant can help you with that. To be a little more specific, some of the costs that you can deduct include:

  • Interest on loans for acquiring the property
  • Fees associated with the loan
  • Advertising and marketing expenses
  • Charges related to property management
  • Land tax and council fees
  • Insurance for landlords
  • Overall property maintenance
  • Property depreciation
  • Inspection costs
  • Accounting costs

These are only a few tax-deductible items. Your tax advisor will guide you through all of them.

Asset Protection

What if the ownership of your property is split among several owners? Or maybe you’d like to buy your property in trust for your child in the future? No matter what the circumstance, solidifying property ownership is a must. With a good asset protection structure, your title will be the forefront in protecting your property investment.

That said, our tax advisors are experts in asset protection. They can help you with:

  • Property ownership
  • Tax minimization
  • Fund structure
  • Ownership structure

Availing our services ensures that you have nothing to worry about when it comes to the handling of your property. You can just concentrate on investing activities while we do the rest.

Property Ownership

Property ownership is an essential part of asset protection. It ensures that the money derived from the property goes to the right party. This is especially true for co-owners of a rented property or a piece of land that is to be sold.

Problems concerning ownership usually arise when properties are given from parents to several children wherein they are to split the purchase of the land. With a lack of ownership structure, disputes are sure to arise.

That’s why our property investment accountants are the ones that usually handle the ownership structure and the securing of the title. With professional services and a third party opinion, the splitting of ownership is entirely fair and objective.

Negative Gearing

Negative gearing happens if the expenses of owning property outweigh the income. This instance usually happens if you decide to rent out your property. In this type of situation, it’s essential to know how to handle tax since you won’t have any proper gains to pay it yet.

Tax advisors will be able to help you with tax deductions during negative gearing so that the loss you bare won’t be so bad– especially if you’re slowly getting some rental income. They would usually get tax deductions from loan interests, repair expenses, tenant expenses, or more.

In any case, the help of a tax accountant is precious when handling negative gearing.

Capital Gain Tax

If ever you decide to sell your property, there is a tax you need to pay, known as the Capital Gains Tax or CGT. The CGT is based on the purchase price of the property plus the cost of buying and selling the property (these include legal fees, agent commission, etc.)

However, there are some exciting tax benefits that you can get from the sale of your property with the help of a tax advisor. For instance, a tax advisor will tell you that you can get a 50% discount on the CGT if you hold the property for more than one year. As a property investor, this is a significant expense to cut down, so you may not want to be in a hurry to sell.

This is only one way to minimize the CGT. A property investment accountant can help you fully optimize your tax benefits so you can shoot the tax down as much as you can.

How Can Property Tax Advice Make All The Difference

We understand that property taxation is a rather complicated field of study. After all, that’s why professionals take years to perfect their craft. If you have limited or no knowledge of property tax implications, you won’t know how to do proper compliance and will have to pay more than you’re supposed to.

That’s why property tax advice is essential. A property tax accountant is a third party person that can objectively assess your property taxes and overall fund structure based on your investment’s current situation. Since they are professionals, they know the nooks and crannies of the tax policies in your country. Their help and evaluation will be precious to your investment venture.

Grow Your Property Portfolio In A Tax Effective Manner

Most investors have rather robust portfolios consisting of small, medium, and large properties. They also usually have a mix of both residential and commercial properties, making tax management and cash flow management rather tricky. That’s why it’s essential to get help from a property investment accountant.

Managing the numbers is rather complicated, especially when you’re dealing with budget strategies, property pricing, and tax obligations. The only way to make it simple is with the advice of a professional. With a specialized accountant on board, you won’t have to worry about doing all the paperwork by yourself. You’ll have the best kind of assistance that you can get.

Accurate Property Depreciation Assessment

Depreciation expenses are tax-deductible costs. What kind of depreciation costs may fall into this category? First, all the depreciation costs regarding the building are tax-deductible. These include the wear and tear of the building itself and all the other things inside the property that are included in the rental/sale of the whole property. Aside from just the building and its other accessories, the depreciation of fittings and fixtures are also tax-deductible. Such installations include heaters, air conditioners, stoves, carpets, and the like.

With the help of a kind property investment account, you can spot all of the necessary depreciated/depreciating items that can be tax-deductible. If you know all of the things that can be deducted, you can pay fewer taxes and grow your profit margin. Property tax advisors can help you with that.

Why Our Clients Choose Us?

With more than 20 years of experience in the business, our team offers a range of services that cater to property investors. Our approach is an extremely holistic one compared to many of our other competitors. We do not only offer clients technical services but also growth in their business.

That’s why we not only specialize in just tax advisory, but also in other aspects relating to property investing. Concerning property investments, our primary services include tax accounting, property portfolio management strategies, cash flow management, and ownership structuring. With this complete set of services, we can pinpoint any angle of your investment that needs help.

At our company, we not only pride ourselves with the utmost competence in doing our job but also with our passion. We love helping people! We take a lot of pride in making a compassionate and complicated subject matter straightforward for our clients.

With the set of skills our team possesses and a mindset of servitude, we have established strong relationships with many of our clients.

At PTSAdvisory, there is no job that’s too big or too small for us. We will handle it for you to the best of our ability.

Contact us today for any of your accounting needs.

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